The Village of Eolia Board of Trustees met at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 9, at the Village of Eolia Community Building.  After addressing consent items on the agenda, discussion began concerning conversations between Shawnda Zumwalt, City Clerk, and the GovDeal Credit Card organization.  

Registration with the company will allow the Village to accept credit cards.  Trustees voted unanimous approval for setting up an account with GovDeal Credit Card.

The condition of the Community Building’s playground indicates the need for additional pea gravel.  Zumwalt requested that spraying for weeds occur before new gravel is applied.

The pump at FastLane has been repaired and is working efficiently.  Eolia maintenance supervisor John Haake reported that ongoing manhole work is completed, and a representative from MoDot will soon inspect the results.

Haake and Trustee Burbridge were thanked for their work on repairs to the Community Building, including tuckpointing, sealing, and tar-papering in several spots. Additionally, Haake has continued the necessary work on repairing potholes on the Village’s roadways.

Unanimous approval of Eolia’s 2020/2021 budget, listed as Ordinance No. 174, was recorded.  Unanimous approval of Eolia’s contract with Meridian Waste, listed as Ordinance No. 175, was recorded.

With agenda items having been thoroughly addressed, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.