Trump rally

A supporter of President Donald Trump holds a flag supporting the president’s reelection bid at a rally protesting the election results in front of the Old Courthouse in downtown Troy on Nov. 12.

Lincoln County residents braved the cold on Nov. 12 to meet at the Old Courthouse in Troy in support of the president.

In response to the controversy over the results of the 2020 presidential election that led to the current projection President Donald Trump has been defeated by former Vice President Joe Biden, county citizens staged a protest in downtown Troy.

Becky Sheller said she put the pro-Trump rally together on short notice with the holidays looming in support of the president, and to voice the people’s frustrations and angst with the electoral process and to demand “fair and equitable” elections.

“(The rally) was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing. We decided to do this sooner than later because of the holiday season and deer hunting.

“I asked myself ‘what could I do?’ This was something I could do to support President Trump and support free and fair elections.”

District 41 Representative Randy Pietzman spoke about his encounter with Trump and how it was important to show support for him throughout the election process.

“All I can tell you is (Trump) is so genuine when you talk to him, and I think it’s very important that we continue to fight for (his support in the fight for ballot recounts) because the system is messed up right now,” he said. “I just encourage everybody to keep moving.”

Jennifer Barker, co-founder of Informed Health of Missouri, also spoke at the rally in support of Trump and her opposition to the COVID-19 vaccines being developed and being mandated in a potential Biden Administration. 

“That’s another reason we are thankful to President Trump that he hasn’t been mandating (the use of vaccines) and masks, and Gov. (Mike) Parson hasn’t mandated masks either, because we worry that’s what the other side will probably do,” Barker said.

Sandra McDowell, a retired United States Air Force veteran who lost to Parson in the Republican gubernatorial primary in August said Republicans cannot allow the 2020 election to be taken away from Trump.

“I have complete faith in the judicial process,” she said to the crowd. “I have complete faith that Trump has been saying all year there’s going to be voter fraud and election fraud. There’s going to be election fraud with mail-in ballots.

“He’s been saying that all year. If you follow him on Twitter, if you follow his tweets, among all the other stuff people don’t like, he says the truth.”

During McDowell’s speech, counter protesters drove around the courthouse shouting at the crowd and the speakers, before being stopped by Troy Police Department officers after the rally ended.