On April 17, Troy Buchanan High School’s Show Choirs held the 2021 Invitational, hosting three middle school divisions, three prep divisions, and six mixed divisions. 

The day was filled with singing, dancing, solo competitions and fun. The Troy Showchoir groups: Tonali-T, Soundwave, and Express helped host the event and performed their shows as well. 

“We are thankful that even through COVID, we are able to have a competition season for these kids, they deserve it and have worked hard,” said Troy Buchanan Choir Director Andrew Drinkall. 

The Troy Buchanan Showchoir Express competed in five in-person competitions and three virtual competitions, getting Grand Champs three times and three first-place runner-ups. 

“These groups have put in an insane amount of work, even with these difficult circumstances, because they have such a passion for Show Choir,” Drinkall said. 

Troy’s Show Choir members have enjoyed the experience they gotten while performing, as well as the relationships they’ve made over their time with the group.

“Show Choir has let me not only make friends here but all over the country when traveling, it has been an amazing experience to perform on stage with these people,” Senior/Co-President of Express Show Choir Kristopher Shramek said.

Mackenzie Tallent, another senior/co-president also expressed her love for being in Show Choir.

“Show Choir has brought me opportunities in high school that could have never imagined,” she said. “It has shaped me into who I am, and taught me valuable lessons. It has brought me friends that have turned into family and directors that have turned into role-models.” 

“We can’t express how proud of these kids we are and how much they have grown over the season.” Drinkall said. 

Troy Showchoir will take the stage one last time before the school year is over at its annual Spring Sing on May 15.

The following members of Troy Buchanan’s choir were recently honored:

Northeast Missouri District Choir- more 11-12 members than any other school:

Melody Maroney- Soprano

Bodyn Joseph- Soprano

Sidney Ladwig- Soprano

Mallory Boyer - Soprano

Alivia Huff- Soprano

Andrew Thomas- Tenor

Reece Hubbard - Tenor

Wade Bogart - Bass

Anthony Vaccaro- Bass


All State Choir:

Wade Bogart- Bass

Anthony Vaccaro - Bass 1st Alternate

Reece Hubbard - Tenor 2nd Alternate

Melody Maroney - Soprano 1st Alternate


State Solos:

Sidney Ladwig - Gold

Melody Maroney - Gold

Patrick Cotter Gold

Wade Bogart - Gold

Reece Hubbard - Gold

Bodyn Joseph- Silver

Andrew Thomas - Silver

Alivia Huff - Silver

Carter Simpson - Bronze

The Following students received Gold for their work in ensembles at State Music:

Ainsley Drinkall- 

2 ensembles gold

Grace O’Neal- 

2 ensembles gold

Sidney Ladwig

Joselyn Wood- 

2 ensembles gold

Alivia Huff

Mallory Boyer- 

2 ensembles gold

Shea Hoelscher

Abby Grossner

Reece Hubbard

Andrew Thomas

Wade Bogart

Kristopher Shramek


The following students received Silver for their work in ensembles at State Music:

Andrew Thomas

Reece Hubbard

Anthony Vaccaro

Kristopher Shramek

Patrick Cotter

Carter Simpson