There are lots of musicians in the world that play and perform various genres of music, but for native Elsberrian Ryan Mills, he is a rocker, through-and-through.  


Ryan Mills

His passion for hard rock has recently given him an opportunity of a lifetime in the music world.

After graduating in 2001 from Elsberry High School, Mills went to ITT and learned about electronics. He currently works in electronics manufacturing in the area of process improvement and management.

Although his full time job pays the bills, his first love is music.  

Mills remembers going through his dad’s old cassette tapes when he was young and one day he bought the young Mills an AC/DC tape.  

“My world of music changed forever and I will never forget that sound, it blew me away,” he said.

Not only does he enjoy listening to music, he has played the lead/rhythm guitar since he was 12 years old when he received a guitar for Christmas.  

Mills’ passion for music has given him several opportunities over the years to be in various bands.  

His first band with his friends began in the late 90’s and lasted until 2006 with other Elsberrians Alan Turner, Jared Pratt, Patrick McLead and Eric Lovelace. They were named, My Weapon of Choice.  

In 2011 he went on to play with some other great friends in a rock cover band called Almost Heroes until 2018.  The Weapon of Choice band members did reconnect from 2016-2018.

Currently, Mills plays in Outrun The Fall, formerly known as Hollow Point Heroes and is competing in a battle of the band contest to have the opportunity to perform at Pointfest this year.  

Their next performance was going to be March 28 at Pop’s in Illinois, but due to the current situation in society restaurants and bars have been shut down until further notice.

As for his future plans in music, Mills knows that he will always be involved in music some way, somehow, 

“My heart is with hard rock music,” he said.  

He also added “Those with an interest in music should pursue it, they will never regret it.”

Of course, with any success, there is a support system that Mills can not find enough words to describe. 

“I just want to thank everybody that has ever supported me and my bands over the years, I appreciate each and everyone of you.”