Calvin’s Restaurant’s waitresses, Carley Tucker and Carol Farris, are ready to serve diners with smiles and plenty of attention.

Calvin Walkingstick, Viet Nam Era Navy veteran, provides culinary delights and plenty of kind-hearted conversation at Calvin’s Restaurant on Main Street in Eolia.  

Walkingstick’s career in culinary arts has followed a winding road to success.  If diners remember Chum’s in Troy, they might also recall an up-and-coming chef who broke into the business with a bang.  Few people know that while Calvin worked for Chum’s, he was also enrolled in four years’ worth of classes that taught him the skills he needed to manage restaurants as well as to prepare delicious meals for customers.

Highlights of Walkingstick’s professional pathway have progressed through several additional  local hot spots including Paul’s Barbeque (currently Zadocks), the Woods Fort Country Club and Bar, and more.  Then came retirement, but not for long.  In addition to hours spent on the golf course, Calvin opened his Eolia restaurant.  He is nearly a one-man show in the kitchen, but with a relief cook, two waitresses, and two dishwashers to help with the labor.

Make no mistake; Calvin Walkingstick is a savvy restauranteur of the highest order, and  the preparation of food at Calvin’s Restaurant offers hearty and tasty fare.  When guests stop by at breakfast time, they often find the tables are packed with “regulars,” some of which come by nearly every morning.  Calvin remarked with a slight grin that offering breakfasts “takes the pressure off the wives” in Eolia and surrounding areas.

Seldom does a diner receive the kind of hospitable treatment as is offered by Walkingstick.  When time permits, he enjoys chatting with his customers and making sure they are delighted with both the food and service.

For those interested, liquor is offered with meals at the small bar to the side of the eatery, and sumptuous dining specials appear on the weekend menu. 

Calvin’s Restaurant is open seven days a week from 6:00am to 2:00pm.  On Fridays and Saturdays, the doors open again from 5:00 to 9:00 pm.  The tables fill up on Friday evenings, so those who wish to eat at Walkingstick’s establishment need to arrive early or be prepared to wait a bit to claim a seat at one of Calvin’s tables.

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