Lauralye Richardson

Lauralye Richardson, bottom center

This year in 4-H, it started the same with 4-H week, fall outing, the blood drive and a Christmas party.

But in March, things started to change. We were told a virus was making people sick. Then school shut down, and 4-H was put on hold.

I learned that I really miss being around people this year. I missed 4-H and I missed going to school. Most of all, I missed my friends.

4-H has taught me how to be social, as I have always been quiet. Not being around people and going virtual is not the same.

It made things slow.

4-H this year has helped me become an even better leader. I learned that in uncertain times, you must step up and help. I helped by raising funds for 4-H Feeding Missouri, which went to help families in need affected by COVID-19.

I stepped up and helped my brother, 4-H club game leader, lead games virtually that were fun. I learned to be flexible by participating in online events. I realized how important it is to be a leader in my community.

I don’t look at things the same after this 4-H year. This 4-H year has taught me to not take small things for granted, like being around people and helping my community.

I have learned to recognize things that are most important to me and be the best leader I can be.