On April 4-6, student actors performed “The Curious Savage” in the Performing Arts Center as their annual spring play. All different types of people from around the school come together to help make the show possible.

“‘The Curious Savage’ is about an old woman [who] ends up inheriting 10 million dollars from her husband’s passing,” junior Tabby Bueneman said. “Her stepchildren greedily want to take it away from her so they put her in an institution. It soon backfires on them when she hides the money from them, and she kind of sends them out on a wild goose chase for them to try and find it. She basically takes the patients in as her family in the new facility.”

Students find enjoyment in the roles that they play, finding it a new opportunity to be another person.

“I play Mrs. Ethel Savage, the lead,” senior Kaiya Thompson said. “She is about 60 years old ... It’s really different for me because I think that I am a very young person and being able to play someone who is older and having to perform in old kind of makeup is just really fun.”

Some really enjoy some scenes they do, and are excited for the audience to see them, too.

“My favorite part of the play is the scene where Fairy May tells me that there’s a rat in the room,” Thompson said. “So I have to run around the kitchen and get up on a table. It’s really fun.”

People who are new to drama are excited to take the chance to step outside their comfort zone.

“I like the fact that it’s my first major role,” senior Will Mahler said. “I am very new to the whole drama scene and everything I encounter is new and different.”

The cast has high expectations for their performances and hopes the crowd enjoys the show.

“I really hope the audience likes what they’re seeing because we all love the show so much and it fits everyone so perfectly,” Thompson said. “I hope they enjoy it as much as we do.”