Editor's Note: Satan's Tunnel is located on private property. Do not attempt to visit it.

In rural Lincoln County, Missouri sits the little town of Hawk Point. The town is so named for the many hawks that used to nest in the area of the original town site. The 669 people of Hawk Point are served by a Post Office, which has been around since 1840. 


The so-called Satan’s Tunnel is located on private property. Do not attempt to visit it. 


That’s the history that most everybody knows. And if you enjoy boring stuff like that, you might as well quit reading now, because this reporter is seeking for the things that you don’t know the history of.

In this quiet little town of Hawk Point are many hidden secrets that the townsfolk like to keep “hush-hush.” But this reporter went and dragged out one of the biggest hidden secrets and is going to uncover and reveal its mysteries to you.

In the nearby countryside it lies waiting for some curiously innocent teenager, or a homeless person looking for some shelter from the cold. Many people have gone here, but not as many have returned from the clutches of “Satan’s Tunnel.” Now Satan’s Tunnel is a dark gloomy place; just stepping into its shadow causes the chills to creep up your spine. A thick scent akin to death hangs in the air as a bitter, nasty taste fills the back of your throat, and won’t go away. I have been there, and I have no desire what-so-ever to go back. The feeling of death lingers there. 

This long tunnel used to have railroad tracks that went over top of it, but the stories began long before the railroads ran through the area.

One tale speaks of a man, almost a century ago. He ventured along the tracks late one evening to investigate the claims of terrible sounds in the night. 

When he didn’t return, people went looking for him. His body lay at the mouth of the tunnel, thrown there from the tracks some twenty feet above him. Had something drawn his attention so that he didn’t hear the train coming? No one can say for sure, but it was another victim claimed by the tunnel. Now a tale of the tunnel from the 70s to chill you to the bone. 

It was in the late years of this decade when a group of teenagers from nearby Hawk Point decided to have a party out at the tunnel. One of the kids reported that things were just getting started when he looked up and saw a dark figure approaching them. As it came closer he could see that it was haggard old man, he was speaking in a low, grumbling voice. 

“Leave this place and never come back. Evil waits here.” He just kept repeating it over and over again. 

“Leave this place and never come back. Evil waits here.” He appeared to have completely lost his mind. He spoke of frightening stories of death and terror, of people claimed by the tunnel and thrown from the tracks. 

He told them of demons in the woods and horrors waiting for them if they didn’t leave this place now.

The teens decided to leave, they tried to get the old man to come with them. “I can never leave, I am bound to this ground. The spirits hold me here.” He repeated over again and again has he wandered from the party. With their spirits dampened the kids scattered and went home.

After a few days a couple of them were able to get some adults to listen to their tale and follow them out to the tunnel to look for the old man. He was found in the black center of the tunnel, his face twisted in an expression of terror. One more for the tunnel.

A final tale and I will put this article to rest, unlike the spirits at Satan’s Tunnel. 

A local man told his family that he was going to go for an early afternoon walk in the woods near his home. He didn’t return. 

His family sent out a search party in the morning. They looked all around for him, but he was nowhere to be found. They had almost given up hope when finally he was spotted on the hill above the tunnel. His body swinging from a rope strung up in an old oak tree. Apparently he had hung himself in the night. They say that if you go to the tunnel on the right day of the year, at sunset as the light begins to fail, that you can see his shadow swinging back and forth from that old tree.

But in a world of such thing we must remember what the Lord says.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”  – Deuteronomy 31:6

Remember to never fear and to stand strong as “Christians,” the devil cannot take any thing from you unless you give it to him first.

• • •

If you know a local folk tale or urban legend from local Lincoln County contact Norman at (636) 233-6878.