Ruby Leigh

Child singer travels aound Lincoln County and the Country — Ruby Leigh tavels around the United States competing in sining competitions from the age of nine-and-a-half. The young singer mostly focuses on Clasical Country music, but has since branched out due to the extra time she had while the country was in quarantine. 

Foley, Mo. - Fourteen-year-old singer, Ruby Leigh, has traveled across the country because of her singing ability. 

 “I think it’s amazing, coming from a small town, it is like crazy to be able to do the things I’ve done. Some people don’t even get to leave the state but I have been to 38 states so far for music,” Leigh said. “I just think it is really fun to be able to do the things that I have done, and I am very blessed and lucky to do that. 

“I am just a kid still.”

Leigh started singing at age nine-and-a-half, when she first learned a song called “Devil in Blue,” by Guy Clark. 

Leigh was in her father’s shop when she loved the song. She started practicing that song when her father asked her one day to learn the lyrics. 

Two days later. Leigh comes back and sings the song from memory to her father. 

Leigh said she sang “Devil in Blue” multiple times before her father pulled out his phone and shot a video for Facebook. 

“She never ever sang ever before that,“ Casey Parson, Leigh’s father and manager said. 

Three weeks later, Leigh met a group playing at a farmer’s market, and ended up singing a cappella with them for a couple of songs. 

Leigh was invited to a pumpkin patch event where she sang on stage with the couple - and that’s when she met George Portz. 

“Then there was another guy who came up to me and asked if I wanted to sing with him and that he was in a band,” Leigh said. 

They stuck around and Leigh and the band went over some songs together. 

“I got up there and sang with them and when I was done he told me to stick around,” Leigh said. “He came to us and said that I was really good.” 

George Portz & “The Friends of Bluegrass” are the leading acoustic music group performing in the St. Louis area and their shows are enjoyed by all ages. They are a long-established Bluegrass Band located in Southern Illinois with members from both Illinois and Missouri.

“That was at the point where, as parents, her mother and I (realized) that (Leigh) had some kind of talent and her older sister believed in her long before we did,” Parson said. 

After meeting Portz, Leigh’s career blew up. Currently she is touring around Lincoln County and performing at county fairs and small events. 

“(Her sister) sighed (Leigh) up for an open competition, a karaoke competition, with Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals,” Parson said. “She was the only kid there, everyone else was 21 and above, and she sang her way to the finals of it. 

“Adam Wainwright was blown away. He ended up buying her a replica of Loretta Lynn’s guitar, and still to this day still follows her.” 

Parson said that Leigh is a huge Loretta Lynn fan. 

“That was kind of the start, and then she entered several different singing competitions and won every singing competition except for the Adam Wainwright, which she ended up third in that,” Parson said. 

Leigh thanks all her supporters, fans, endorsements, and venues who has helped her along her journey.