Some of the decorated vehicles in the Birthday Parade for Tiffani Rockwell-Fomera.

The new normal for a celebration in society has become a car parade.  Saturday afternoon was a beautiful day for a parade in the neighborhood to never be forgotten,  Brownsmill Estates was the site of a huge car parade for Tiffani Rockwell-Fomera to celebrate her 48th birthday.  Over 70 cars, trucks, and motorcycles flooded the street with balloons and signs to make her birthday special.  Adding icing to the cake was the over 120 birthday cards she received in the mail for a social distancing card shower.


Celebrating with Tiffani Rockwell-Fomera (front) was her family (L to R) Carli Donovan, Max Rockwell, and Tyler Donovan.

Since Rockwell-Fomera started her battle against Glioblastoma brain cancer 20 months ago her family, friends, and community have stood behind her so this latest act of kindness is no surprise.  Beginning with the Orange Out the Night that raised a record $10,000 for her and the countless dinners that are being delivered nightly so that her family can concentrate their efforts on taking care of her.

“‘Astounded’ is the word that her family uses to describe all the outpouring of love that has been bestowed on them since the very beginning of this journey. “All of this is nothing short of the kindness that this town shows over and over to their own,” said her parents, Max and Jennifer Rockwell.