Ava Muldoon

My name is Ava Muldoon, and I am nine years old.

This year was first year in shooting sports. I was really nervous, because my sister is really good at shooting, and has been doing it for a long time. I was worried that I would not be good at it.

I can load and cock the air pistol by myself. I like that I can sit in a chair and not have to lay on the ground. When I first started shooting, I could only shoot by closing one eye, but after a lot of practice, I can shoot with both eyes open.

I also had to practice keeping my finger on the trigger and count to three after shooting my target.

My favorite part of shooting practice is to hit the tiny little metal animals we get to practice hitting. At my last practice, I got the highest score I have ever gotten, and Dad took me and my sister out for ice cream.

I did not want to be in any competitions, but my parents signed me up. I shot at the County Meet a month ago, and I am going to be in the state competition in a couple of weeks.

I hope I can do as good as I did at practice last week.